the news / still believe

by Mike McMonagle

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released December 30, 2014

Recorded in The Sugartank in Lancaster, PA on November 24, 2013.

Engineered by Mike Newman and Shelly Yakus

Mastered by Working Man Productions



all rights reserved


Mike McMonagle Lancaster, Pennsylvania

The first chord Mike McMonagle ever strummed was an E minor. To this day, Mike still plays that very same chord, along with others, to craft an array of ditties ranging from traditional folk and roots-rock-n-roll. Born, raised and currently residing in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, he uses his songcraft as a modest attempt at making good on his existence in this world. ... more

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Track Name: The News
have you heard the news they've been saying 'bout you?
it's going around, and it ain't good.
have you heard the news they've been saying 'bout you?
it's all over town.

it's a shame what they did to your good name
drove it down to the water's edge
take a dive, maybe you can be baptized
and quit your sinning ways again
Track Name: Still Believe
how did you know that this was the way it would go?
life ain't so simple, no, life ain't so simple, you see.
what makes you think you can drink all your problems away?
bottles go empty then empty bottles remain.
but i still believe in you.

tell me the story of how you ended up here.
i want to know where it is you're coming from.
the future is bright – so much brighter than you thought was possible.
look into the mirror, there's someone i think you should meet.
but i still believe in you.

it's not a feeling worth feeling if it brings you down.
the harder you push it, the further you fall from the light.
hold on to my hand when you're crossing the river of doubt.
we'll sing hallelujah, c'mon now let's sing it out.
but i still believe in you.